Velos Surpasses 10,000 Active Studies

FREMONT, CA – Jul 18, 2016

Adoption of the flagship Velos eResearch product has reached new heights. The Velos eResearch clinical trial management system (CTMS) is now used to manage more than 10,000 active studies with individual customers conducting or participating in anywhere from less than 10 to more than 500 active studies. A wealth of data, including over 400,000 biospecimen samples and 550,000 patients, is currently fueling the work of nearly 35,000 users of Velos eResearch across 2,000 research sites.

Velos eResearch supports clinical research and links data on over a half million study subjects to calendars, budgets, electronic data capture, and more. “We are proud to see Velos eResearch become a rich repository of high quality clinical research data,” said John McIlwain, CEO of Velos. “The integrated, multi-functional design and utility of Velos eResearch and its robust architecture have made it a preferred solution for clinical trial management and research collaboration worldwide.”

“Several first-in-class integrations and recent product enhancements are transforming the ways in which data is captured, managed, analyzed, and shared in Velos eResearch,” noted Priti Sahai, MD, Senior Vice President of Velos. “We developed the first interface between Velos eResearch and an EHR more than a decade ago and today our customers have hundreds of interfaces with a variety of information systems, including EHRs, laboratory systems, IRB systems, billing systems, and others. In 2015 alone, the Velos eResearch team and its customers completed 47 new system integrations.”

“The continuing increases in the number of studies, patients, users, and customers of Velos eResearch is the result of hard work and investment on the part of both Velos and its customers,” says McIlwain. “Our customers understand that proper management and communication of clinical trial data has important consequences for clinical research excellence, patient safety and billing compliance.”

About Velos:

Velos is the trusted clinical trial management resource for investigators, sponsors, and academic leaders throughout the world. Velos integrates the clinical, administrative and financial information needs of research management, with an emphasis on flexibility and workflow and empowering clinical innovation. Founded in 1996, Velos, LLC. is privately held with headquarters in Fremont, California.