Velos leapfrogs site CTMS market with web services layer; high impact Coordinator Workspace slated for go-live

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA – September 27,2018

Velos is empowering its customers to take their clinical research productivity, automation, and integration to the next level with a powerful new web services layer.

Over the last several years, Velos R&D has been quietly rolling out a web services layer that has multiple advantages for customers. The Velos product team and a few Velos eResearch customers have been using these capabilities for some time to implement a variety of interoperability and integration solutions. Taking it a step further, the first high impact web-services-based application, the Coordinator Workspace, is slated for go-live this fall and general release with the next Velos eResearch version upgrade.
“The Velos eResearch web services layer enables increased system configurability and interoperability which in turn leads to greater ease of use and end user productivity,” says Sonia Abrol, Vice President of Development and Operations at Velos. “It also positions Velos to address a wider set of customer needs and market segments without fundamentally changing the underlying system architecture.”

The Coordinator Workspace consolidates the major tasks coordinators routinely perform into a compact, easy to use workspace. For most research sites, study coordinators are by far the largest and most active end user group for CTMS solutions. Training and adoption is also easier because individual end users can stick with what they’re used to or switch to the Coordinator Workspace. All indications are that the Coordinator Workspace will materially improve productivity and timely work completion for research coordinators.

“Web services-based applications are widely used by leading software companies outside clinical research and healthcare,” says CEO John McIlwain. “Velos eResearch customers will be the first to materially enjoy their benefits in the site CTMS market.”

About Velos:
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