Velos eSample

Biospecimen Management Made Easy.

Velos eSample is a complete biospecimen management solution that supports specimen acquisition, sample annotation and tracking, storage administration, protocol and patient linking, multi-site specimen network and more.

By integrating specimen, patient, and study data, Velos eSample enhances data quality and facilitates clinical translational research.

Top Ten Reasons Why Every Site Needs Velos eSample

  • Accurately tracks sample location and status
  • Creates tissue banks and other biospecimen repositories
  • Enhances collection of analytical and assay results
  • Associates patient and study data
  • Assists data entry and promotes data queries
  • Captures sample processing and annotation details
  • Provides configurable forms
  • Confers appropriate access rights and tracks consents
  • Supports multi-site specimen network
  • Ensures compliance with HIPAA, CFR Part 11, etc.

Velos eSample Features:

Storage and Inventory Management

  • Store human tissues, blood, and other specimens
  • Easy-to-use interface to monitor and track inventory items
  • Specimen bank hierarchies can be defined
  • Effortless data entry and retrieval

Protocol-based Sample Acquisition

  • Procure and track biological specimens
  • Link study coordinators’ activities with inventory management
  • Support collection of analytical results
  • Ensure compliance with procedures and regulations

Integrated Clinical Data Repository

  • Configurable forms to capture processing and annotation details
  • Associate specimens to participants, studies, labs etc.
  • Control access rights and track consents
  • Query and analyze longitudinal data

Quality and Compliance

  • Compliant with IRB, HIPAA, and institutional requirements
  • Robust metrics and reporting
  • Role based access-control
  • Reduces data-related errors drastically