Velos CRMS adds over 50 new research sites

FREMONT, CA – Feb 28, 2017

Velos, LLC. has added over 50 new research sites to its Velos eResearch customer base in less than one year. The large increase in both customers and sites is attributable in part to the company’s unique strengths in addressing the needs of multi-site clinical trial networks. The company’s substantial product investments over the last several years have also contributed to the increased demand and adoption of the system. The 50+ site figure excludes current Velos customer organizations, which together receive more than 50% of NIH extramural funding and who also continue to expand their site networks.

Key to the company’s growth in sites and customer base are the company’s deep expertise supporting both NDA submission trials and other kinds of clinical research such registries and investigator-initiated clinical trials in multi-site research networks. The system’s capabilities stem from its robust architecture and patient-centric design that the company has further enhanced in recent years.  The architecture enables each customer to efficiently run dozens and in some cases more than one hundred clinical trials through a single multi-organization architecture. As a result, Velos customers are able to reduce study set-up and site network set-up time, lower system and cloud infrastructure needs, and have relatively small teams efficiently support large study volumes and research networks. These capabilities are increasingly valued by sites and sponsors alike.

“Velos recognized long ago that many of the more intractable challenges in the clinical research information supply chain have to do with automating, integrating and connecting site operations,” says John S. McIlwain, President of Velos. “Our longstanding business plan has been to first wire sites with robust clinical trials system infrastructure and then connect them with their research collaborators and sponsors. We’re into the second phase of our plan, and are ascending new heights in making multi-site management easy.”

About Velos:
Velos is the trusted clinical trial management resource for investigators, sponsors, and academic leaders throughout the world. Velos integrates the clinical, administrative and financial information needs of research management, with an emphasis on flexibility and workflow and empowering clinical innovation. Founded in 1996, Velos, LLC. is privately held with headquarters in Fremont, California. For more information, visit