How can we help you?

We learn from each and every customer every day to give you amazing services and experience. Over 2,000 research sites and tens of thousands of users benefit from our superior services methodology. Whether you need help with project management, system interfaces, training, data migration, or cloud hosting, we’ve got you covered.


We assess potential risks, monitor quality, track and report project progress, and identify and resolve diverse issues, to ensure your project’s success.

  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Quality and Issue Management
  • Project Tracking
  • Communications Plan and Progress Reporting


We work closely with your research team to understand your clinical and business needs, review requirements, and confirm project objectives.

  • Identify and document the customer’s needs and objectives
  • Set business and strategic directions for present as well as “future state” workflows
  • Configure applications to centralize activities and to remove redundancies
  • Explain roles and responsibilities for maintaining regulatory billing and data compliance
  • Support available from discovery and implementation to go-live process


We install and configure our product in an environment of your choice. Each installation is accompanied by appropriate plans, environment, and support.

  • Installation support for both customer-hosted and Velos-hosted implementations
  • Plan fitted to the customer’s business and technical needs
  • Expert guidance into timelines and deployment considerations such as system installation, interface development, and data migration
  • Multiple environments available


To help you harness power of your data, Velos products are primed for two-way communication with dozens of third party systems.

  • Velos Integration Engine supports multiple standards-based messaging architectures (SOA, HL7, XML, etc.)
  • Seamless integrations with over 150 systems including EHRs, IRBs, labs, billing systems, etc.
  • Extensive libraries of standard interfaces
  • Option to create custom interfaces


We provide effective plans and easy-to-use tools for facilitating accurate and cost-effective data migration.

  • Identify data elements that need to be imported from former systems
  • A convenient wizard for uploading files, mapping fields and responses, validating data, and generating transaction logs
  • Review gaps within the data (missing key fields, corrupt data, missing data points), and clean it prior to migration
  • Ensure user comfort by paying attention to former systems


Velos users can create calendars, share protocols, issue alerts easily and quickly.

Calendar Build

  • Design interactive and detailed calendars
  • Easily select protocol calendars and generate entire schedules
  • Develop best practices for data entry
  • Perform quality assurance for each calendar prior to releasing into production

Case Report Form Design

  • Structured library system for managing forms and data variables such as field types and contexts
  • Option to design forms in different languages
  • Form changes can be tracked, printed, or viewed at one’s convenience


Report any adverse event or potential risk to the subject in a timely manner.

  • Develop reports specific to a particular study using out-of-box or customized solution
  • Online and printed reports can be generated anytime and anywhere
  • Report Serious Adverse Events (SAEs)


To encourage user adoption and understanding, we develop custom training programs that “train-the-trainer” and educate the end users.

  • Internet-based training
  • On-site training
  • Course training at Velos headquarters


We provide a range of hosting services for customers who do not want to manage their platform in-house.

  • Hosting available on a shared database or a customer-dedicated database
  • Application monitoring and database backup
  • Encryption (at least 256 bit) and protection for security vulnerability alerts
  • Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) for all users