Dartmouth and Norris Cotton Cancer Center illustrate the value of a well-integrated CTMS

Fremont, California – October 22, 2015

Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC) have been a customer of the Velos eResearch Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) since 2008. Nancy Rollings, Administrative Director of the Office of Clinical Research at Norris Cotton Cancer Center, recently presented her medical center’s accomplishments integrating their CTMS with their electronic medical record, scheduling, and billing systems at a leading industry conference. Much of the work was accomplished before standards such as the IHEs RPE and CRPC standards were readily available.

Dartmouth and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center demonstrate what’s possible integrating best-of-breed products. The institution uses Velos for their CTMS, Epic for their EMR. There are a number of reasons medical centers conducting clinical research integrate their CTMS with other operational systems. In Dartmouth’s and NCCC’s case, key priorities included:

• Patient safety – to make sure clinicians using the EMR know which patients are on which trials and what the patient status is;
• Metrics and Quality Assurance – the institution closely tracks metrics such as time to study activation and study enrollment;
• Serious Adverse Events Reporting including notifications from the EMR to the Velos study team;
• Operational support including order sets tracking and access to research documents in the EMR and related access control.

At Dartmouth and the NCCC, each of the above integration projects was accomplished in a matter of months. “At Velos, we take pride in empowering our customers and providing a platform that is easily integrated into the customer’s information ecosystem,” says Priti Sahai, MD, Velos Senior Vice President. “Velos customers have had sophisticated two-way interfaces in place for many years. Depending on complexity, Velos assists in implementing the integrations, but several customers have done amazing integration work on their own leveraging Velos tools and its extensible architecture. This ensures that our sites can continue to grow and evolve as their needs change over time without being unduly dependent on a vendor.”

Velos provides application programming interfaces (APIs) and supports standards-based interfaces. In early 2012, Velos was among the first CTMS vendors to apply the Clinical Research Process Content (CRPC) standard in a production setting. Multiple Velos customers are in production today using the CRPC standard.
This is a Velos news release and is not intended to state or imply an endorsement of any kind by Dartmouth or Norris Cotton Cancer Center of Velos or any other vendor or product.

About Velos:

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