Velos Volunteer

Recruit. Enroll. Repeat.

Velos Volunteer is a workflow based technology solution for long-term management of potential research participants as well as an advanced recruitment tool for studies.

A secure solution for compliant, efficient, and ethical subject recruitment, Velos Volunteer identifies, informs, and pre-screens the most suitable participants for your studies.

Top Ten Reasons Why Customers Choose Velos Volunteer

  • Streamlines recruitment process
  • Improves trial enrollment and ensures faster study completion
  • Grows potential research participant pool through self-registration
  • Enables easy characterization of registrants for future studies
  • Presents feedback on effectiveness of adjusting advertising campaigns
  • Prevents duplicate registrants and reduces outdated information
  • Provides access to complete contact history
  • Assists multiple recruiters to work simultaneously
  • Reduces no show rates with automatic appointment reminders
  • Eliminates compliance issues

Recruiters Vouch for Velos Volunteer

“The comment field in the contact activity makes it easier for multiple recruiters to handle a single subject”

Recruiters Vouch for Velos Volunteer

“One of the greatest benefits of the software are the automated emails to scheduled participants with consent, directions, date/time of appointment all in one message, and the ability to send appointment reminders”

Recruiters Vouch for Velos Volunteer

“…now that we have this software, I don’t know how I would get through the day without it”

Velos Volunteer Features:

Volunteer Management

  • Multi-patient upload and targeting
  • Build profile and track relevant medical history
  • Activate volunteer self-registration portal

Study Management

  • Build pre-screening questionnaires for inclusion/exclusion
  • Schedule screening visits
  • Automate email appointment reminders

Workflow and Call Tracking

  • Query registry
  • Generate and load target actionable lists upon IRB approval
  • Create call back queue and log all call activities

Quality and Compliance

  • Compliant with IRB, HIPAA, and institutional requirements
  • Robust metrics and reporting
  • Role based access-control