Velos Partners

Velos is proud to be partners with the following companies


Aithent creates high-value regulatory compliance management solutions for healthcare organizations across the globe. Since 1991, Aithent has helped advance operational efficiency while reducing the costs and risks associated with compliance by developing and applying technology in uniquely effective ways. Learn more about the company.


BayaTree is a technology services company that helps clients implement business strategies, improve performance, increase efficiency, and deliver changes effectively. This includes managing projects, taking responsibility for business processes, and facilitating business growth through innovation and application of technology. Learn more about the company.


Comaiba is a healthcare solution that provides real-time monitoring and actionable intelligence for physicians, compliance officers, and executive management. It empowers healthcare institutions to improve quality of care, meet compliance standards, and enjoy a range of benefits. Learn more about the company.


NantHealth is a transformational healthcare company converging biomolecular medicine and bioinformatics with technology services to empower physicians, patients, payers, pharma and researchers to transcend the traditional barriers of today’s healthcare system. The company’s solutions are advancing diagnostics to better identify and target specific disease characteristics; transforming clinical and operational delivery with real time actionable clinical data, and promoting wellness for a healthier, happier world. Learn more about the company.


StafaCT is a software company that specializes in cellular therapy applications. Its suite of products covers data management, operational workflows, and compliance monitoring for the entire cell therapy process from the initial referral to infusion and follow up. Formerly the cellular therapy product team at Velos, StafaCT was spun out into its own company in 2015. Learn more about the company and its cellular therapy software.