Velos Team

Meet the team behind Velos

Why Do We Love Working At Velos?

Eric Ponce

Sr. Director, Project Management and Consulting

Working with so many institutions provides me the opportunity to evaluate how clinical research operates across world class research centers. Its very rewarding to help our clients who ultimately are transforming the lives of many patients.

Emily Zhang

Management Associate

I am truly a nerd who loves technology and its practical application to processes and data. Research centers in partnership with Velos bring clinical trials to individuals in their own communities by facilitating patient and provider access to research and technology.

Nick Bobrinskoy

Product Manager

I like helping organizations figure out ways to approach and address challenges and realize efficiencies. The diversity of the sites we serve also means that the job is very dynamic and there are lots of opportunities to innovate within these contexts.

John S. Mcllwain

President, CEO, Co-Founder

One of the founding members of Velos, John has served as Chairman and President from 1996 to 2000 and from July 2001 to present. Prior to working at Velos, he held a variety of executive management, consulting, finance, and sales positions for companies such as Sun Microsystems and Price Waterhouse Cooper. A Columbia Business School alumni, John has also served as an Adjunct Professor at his alma mater. Gifted with an uncanny ability to foresee future trends, John ensures that the Velos products evolve over time.

Amar P.S. Chahal, MD

Velos Co-Founder, Executive Vice President

Physician, founder and entrepreneur, Amar’s knowledge and experience span the disciplines of medicine, technology and business. He has been a resident and practicing surgeon at the National Health Service in London, a consultant for Merck & Company, Director of Health Services for Software Services International, Inc, etc. At once a visionary and a pragmatist, Amar has held several key roles at Velos since 1996, including Executive Vice President of both Operations and R&D, and Chief Technology Officer. An admirer of innovative thinking, Amar ensures that the Velos team is a force to be reckoned with.

Priti Sahai, MD

Senior Vice President

Priti is responsible for establishing Velos as a trusted technology platform and for increasing the company’s market share manyfold. Instrumental in the launch of the Velos eResearch product line, Priti has deep domain expertise which has helped her double the customer satisfaction percentage in the last few years. An excellent mentor and product strategist, Priti happily shares her expertise with young entrepreneurs and students in her spare time. An avid reader and traveller, Priti loves to experience new cultures and hopes that good patient care would one day become a global reality.

Sonia Abrol

Vice President, Development and Operations

Sonia leads the Development and Operations teams at Velos. She has 18+ years of experience in designing, developing and managing enterprise products. As a founding team member of Velos eResearch suite, she has been instrumental in defining the product strategy and the cutting-edge technology stack. She now heads the R&D and Operations to build new products for collaboration, compliance and interoperability. She has an in-depth domain knowledge of the healthcare industry with a primary focus on clinical trials management, EDC and bio-specimen management systems, and FDA and HIPAA compliance procedures. Passionate about health and wellness, Sonia prepares nutritious and tasty treats for her family and team members in her free time.

Harry S. Chahal

Director, Professional Services

Harry has 15+ years’ experience in healthcare management, information technology and client services. Responsible for developing and delivering complex integration projects to Velos customers, Harry’s ultimate aim is to build cutting-edge integration technology that will revolutionize personalized medicine. Everyone at Velos appreciates Harry’s positive attitude, love for technology, and generosity. When not reading about new technologies, Harry relaxes by volunteering at his children’s school.

Rehan Anwar

Director, Quality Engineering

Rehan has 15+ years’ experience in Software Quality Assurance and Engineering space. Self-motivated and meticulous, Rehan monitors all quality assurance activities so that customers enjoy defect-free products. He successfully manages on-site and remote teams to ensure that Velos products conform to quality, performance, and compliance standards. By establishing a world-class Quality Engineering Lab, Rehan wants to achieve the best possible QA outcome. When not undertaking a team building exercise at Velos, Rehan loves to play team sports like cricket, basketball or soccer with his kids.

Eric Ponce

Senior Director, Project Management and Consulting

Eric Ponce administers enterprise deployments of Velos products across the United States. Not only Eric has considerable experience in the medical device industry (Johnson and Johnson, and Boston Scientific), he also has several patents within the medical device field to his name. An astute observer and a diligent manager, Eric makes sure that customers can maximize their productivity and investments. Clinical research has been a topic of interest in the various lectures that he has delivered at the University of Miami, Florida International University, and Instituto de Psiquiatria de Mexico. A modern-day Renaissance man, Eric loves robotics, data science, winemaking, painting, surfing, sailing, etc.