Ahead of the Game: Interoperability and Data Standards in Clinical Research

If, like us, you attended AMIA Joint Sessions in San Francisco this year, you might have witnessed an enthusiasm, even urgency, to think carefully about interoperability and data standards. At a particularly insightful panel on “Implementing Data Standards to Enable the Learning Health System,” the audience urged the experts to answer certain pressing questions about data standards clearly and unequivocally:

Question: “Should everyone use data standards?

Answer: “Yes”

Question: “For every study?”

Answer: “Yes”

Paper after paper demonstrated that data standards are necessary and interoperability demands consensus and common language.

At Velos, we have been using the language of interoperability and data standards for years. Healthcare organizations, we understand, can reap huge benefits from systems that facilitate exchange of information.
Check out the following video from our archives to learn how we and our customers recognized the importance of interoperability and data standards before they became buzzwords at AMIA.

“For me, standards are like the foundations of the house if you don’t build appropriate standards, you build a wonderful application but if it doesn’t talk to anyone, it is a house built on sand.” – Roy B. Jones, PhD, MD, Professor & Chair of Clinical Research Computing at the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

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